Solvent Cleaner


Effective, safe and heavy duty degreaser to remove grease and oil from engines and machines. It is a low odor degreaser without chlorinated solvents that cleans tar and asphalt from painted surfaces without harming the finish. A chlorinated solvent and cleaner with no flash point and a dielectric resistance (excess of 25,000 volts) that leaves surface dry & clean.  



Features & Benefits:

  • Non-conductive, non-flammable and contain no benzene or carbon tetrachloride, no residue, evaporates quickly, non-staining, excellent spot remover. 
  • Superior solvent formulated for in-place cleaning of electrical equipment with no appreciable damage to insulation, paint, rubber, metal and other surfaces.
  • Removes all petroleum based lubricants as it cleans. A lubricant or protective coating should be preventing corrosion.
  • Also effective on Grime, Crayon, oil, gunk, chewing gum, printing ink and lipstick, etc. 
  • Low-odor degreaser with slow evaporation rate.