Sedo-X 4 in 1 Lubricant

Sedo-X was developed for industry to prevent corrosion. Its stick to metal, almost like a magnet. It stop rust and prevent rust or corrosion, does not attract dust and lubricates. It also a penetrates and loosens frozen parts faster.

Benefit & Features:

  • Sedo-X  is unlike the ordinary lubricant it can stay the polar bonded and wear surfaces are seperated by a thin film coating to reduce friction. 
  • Sedo-X displaces moisture, corrosion which causing by electrolytes and existing rust with clean metal.Sedo-X  penetrates faster and often frees hopelessly seized parts because its attraction between metal.
  •  Sedo-X is non-conductive with a dielectric strength.
  • It displaces rust and moisture and often restoring environment damaged electronics, cleaning contact points and improcing connections.