Aluminium Electrode
An universal flux-coated aluminium electrode for Welding all kinds of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Typical characteristics -
With the unique chemical designed makes Cinox AL5 ideally use for joining, surfacing, repairing and also for reinforcing on both production and maintenance applications. Special extruded coating and core wire provides god arc stability, operates at low amperages with a minimum of spatter. Deposit is dense and porosity free. Cinox AL5 offers an extremely high strength, versatile and high elongation than ordinary aluminium electrode. Doposits have good colour match and corrosion resistance. Can also be used as a flux-coated aluminium joining and build-up rod for use with oxy-acetylence.

Typical applications -
Suitable for use on engine blocks, pistons, truck bodies, bus bars, pump housings, tanks, mould frames, and many other aluminium structures. Rapair of machining errors and build-up of missing sections of castings, extrusions, plates, etc.