Gouging Electrode
Electrode for Chamfering, grooving and gauging all metals, including all types of ferritic and austenitic steel as well as Cu alloys, cast steels and grey casat iron.

International Specifications - Chamfering electrode

Typical applications -
Special-coated electrode for Chamfering, Grooving and gouging all metals. Including all types of ferritic and austenitic steels as well as Cu-alloys, cast steel and grey cast iron. The electrode produces a high-energy arc which rapidly melts the base material. CINOX 800 is used for seam preparing, gouging, culling, piercing holes, eliminating screws, rivets or old seams, chamfering foundry defects or cracks before repair welding, and removing unserviceable material from oil containing cast iron or corroded metal layers.

Welding Techniques -
Hold electrode at a 10º angle above workpiece. Initiate arc and move forward in a straight or back and forth motion. For cutting use a “sawing action” technique.