Cast Iron Electrode


Universal electrode for joining a wide variety of ductile, nodular and malleable cast iron. Ideally suited for the repair of meehanite dies. 60% Nickel - iron "Barium Free" electrode for joining dirty - contaminated cast irons and cast iron to steel.
Typical applications Basic-

graphite special coated electrode with a bimetallic ferro-nickel core wire which allows very fast fusion on direct current as well as on alternate current without any risk of overheating. Suitable for joining all types of grey cast iron and also joining cast iron with steel, but especially for nodular cast iron. The weld metal alloy essentially results from the core wire which contains abl. 60% Ni and 45% Fe. The colour of the deposit is very similar to the base metal, and corrosion will be identical to the base material later on. This electrode excels by very high crack-resistance and high tensile strength of the weld metal. Even in refined zones the seam is still machinable.


Welding Techniques -
Remove any surface contamination with the proper solvents. Adjust the
welding machine to the lowest proper setting that yields good welding conditions.