All Steel Welding Electrode


An universal perfect problem solver high strength electrode for all type of steel.


Characteristics and Typical applications -
An universal high alloy core electrode generates incredibly high strength,
high elongation and ductility. Its weld deposit also provides high resistance to severe shock, friction wear, heat and corrosion. Its special coating is designed to provide a stable arc, good weldability and excellent strike and re-strike quality. The slag is self-releasing and the deposit is machinable and porosity-free.

Application -
CINOX 220 is an AC weldable electrode for low, medium and highalloy steels which require the highest strength and quality. It’s ideal for repairing tools, dies, springs, carbon steels, stainless steels, pressure vessels, aircraft steel. CINOX 220 also commonly used to joint stainless steels of unknown steels. Due to the exceptional strength, CINOX 220 ideal for re-build shafts and blades used in the chemical, construction and mining industries.

Welding Techniques -
The area in which the weld is to be made should be free of rust,grease, paint and other materials which cause weld contamination. A 90ºC vee joint should be used when joining heavy sections.